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UPT' differentiates itself from other mobile power generation systems and saves you money. Our technology helps improve the environment and enables businesses and individuals to produce electricity anywhere at anytime.

Eye-opening cost savings.
UPT’s lighter weight delivers a 4–5 mpg improvement over comparable tow-behind generators. A vehicle equipped with a gasoline or diesel-powered UPT under-chassis generator traveling 68,000 miles annually will save anywhere from 675 to 2,000 gallons of fuel per year. That’s a savings of up to $6,000 per year.

Key functional advantages.
The UPT’s modular design enables it to meet specific customer requirements, including the ability to run on diesel, unleaded gasoline, CNG or LPG fuels. It’s a non-PTO system which dramatically expands installation flexibility to include most 2-wheel and 4-wheel drivetrains.

The system is delivered in a kit format for easy installation on new or older vehicles, and when the unit outlives the truck, it can be easily removed and reinstalled on another vehicle.

  • Significantly higher power output than other integrated AC power solutions with dual frequency capabilities in either 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Patented thermal dispersion instead of air cooling or expensive liquid cooling systems
  • No PTO which dramatically expands the range of modifiable vehicles allowing for 2 and 4 wheel drive applications
  • Under chassis installation doesn’t affect cargo capacity. Truck bed remains fully usable.
  • Lighter weight than comparable trailer mounted generators minimizes loss in payload and increases truck efficiency.
  • Brand agnostic for base truck and auxiliary tools.
  • Fuel agnostic for base truck engines. Runs on gas or natural gas, diesel or biodiesel, even fuel cells.
  • Meets Tier 4 standards. Vehicle owners invest in one engine and one emission system – not two.
  • Modular design based upon customer requirements
  • Adaptable power outputs.
  • Significant operational cost savings – increased MPG’s
  • Vehicle sensors and gauges remain operational.
  • Control unit capable of monitoring and logging PID’s in real time.
  • Telematics support remote fleet management and power monitoring.
  • Significant up front savings when compared to gensets.
  • Ability to export operational data to USB for future review and logging of system performance and power analysis.
  • Provides potential sustainability credits
  • Dan Ustian
    Former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Navistar, Inc.
    “It’s a simple system. It’s not like rocket science. This is putting together things in a very efficient way to come up with answers for solutions that people have been looking for many years. And in most cases, people didn’t even think about this as a potential solution.”

Important environmental benefits.
With UPT’s fuel flexibility, carbon emissions can be reduced by 10%–20% while the lighter weight can reduce fuel consumption by the same percentage. In addition, eliminating heavy tow-behind generators can lower horsepower requirements and enable fleets to scale down truck sizes to further optimize fuel economy.
Relying on the vehicle engine for power eliminates the impact of Tier 4 requirements for off-road diesel engines. That means no added weight or costs of new emission control systems. And you won’t have the performance uncertainty of new control systems unproven in extended generator operation.

The environmental benefits in a nutshell:

Fuel use and/or carbon emission reduction must be proven in order to qualify for many Government grants and assistance programs.

  • Fuel use can be measurably reduced by 10-20%
    - Operational cost savings
  • Carbon emissions can be measurably reduced by 10-20%
    - Improved public image
  • Wear on critical engine and drive-train components reduced
    - Less downtime and increased product life cycle
  • Less horsepower is required for MG system than to tow a comparable genset
    - Ability to scale truck engines down to meet reduced power requirements

Operational Cost Savings Summary

An Ultimate Power Truck using diesel fuel and traveling 68,000 miles per year will:
- Save 675-2024 gallons of fuel per year
- Save $2684-$8049 in fuel cost per year
This does not take into account:
  • Reduction of wear and tear on truck due to reduced payload*
  • Initial cost savings of an UPT system vs genset (15% savings)*
  • Preventative Maintenance savings due to removal of genset motor*
  • Future uptick in cost of fuel*
*Speeds up ROI

UPT Generator Details:

  • Brush-less 4 pole synchronous alternator.
  • Digital generator controller with combination of analog & digital gauges.
  • 3 position voltage selection switch: 120/240 V single phase and 208/240/480V 3 phase. Single phase receptacles powered for all main voltage selections.
  • Safety features: all vehicle safety and engine protection features fully operational. In addition, generator protected by thermal and overload protection.
  • Full feature control panel: operator controls, metering, voltage reconnection switch, voltage regulator and receptacles are located behind one lockable control panel door located directly behind vehicle cab on driver’s side.
  • Voltage regulation: 0.5%.
  • 3 phase power factor: 0.8
  • Insulation: Class H
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 5%

Optional Equipment:

The following accessories are available:

  • No-Idle system – No emissions, no engine noise. Lithium ion batteries store 12.5 kW hours of power. Enough to power bucket truck arms or power tools all day for a $1.50.
  • e-PTO – Use the No-Idle system to power anything a PTO would drive. Our e-PTO 3 hp motor attaches easily and doesn’t reduce available space.
  • Water maker – Never transport water again. Produce hundreds of gallons of 99.9% pure water every day from humidity in the air.
  • Mobile Recharging – Recharge electric vehicles. Level 2 charging provides 10 to 60 miles of range in 30 minutes. Multiple vehicles can be charged simultaneously.
  • Air Compressor: Drive pneumatic tools such as impact wrenches and grinders.

UPT Savings at 20,000 Miles
Avg Cost 20k Miles w/
Tow Behind Generator
20k Miles w/
Ultimate Power Truck
Diesel $3.977 $7,107-$9,469 $6,312-$7,101 $789-$2,398
LPG #3.478 $6,210-$8,280 $5,520-$6,210 $690-$2070
Gasoline $3.309 $5,908-$7,878 $5,252-$5,908 $656-$1,970
CNG $2.150 $3,839-$5,119 $3,412-$3,839 $427-$1,280

UPT Savings at 40,000 Miles
Avg Cost 40k Miles w/
Tow Behind Generator
40k Miles w/
Ultimate Power Truck
Diesel $3.977 $14,203-$18,938 $12,625-$14,203 $1,578-$4,735
LPG #3.478 $12,421-$16,561 $11,041-$12,421 $1,380-$4,140
Gasoline $3.309 $11,817-$15,757 $10,504-$11,817 $1,313-$3,940
CNG $2.150 $7,678-$10,238 $6,825-$7,678 $853-$2,560

UPT Savings at 80,000 Miles
Avg Cost 80k Miles w/
Tow Behind Generator
80k Miles w/
Ultimate Power Truck
Diesel $3.977 $28,407-$37,879 $25,250-$28,407 $3,157-$9,469
LPG #3.478 $24,842-$33,123 $22,082-$24,842 $2,760-$8,281
Gasoline $3.309 $23,635-$31,514 $21,009-$23,635 $2,626-$7,879
CNG $2.150 $15,357-$20,476 $13,650-$15,357 $1,707-$5,119

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