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UPT trucks encompass different manufacturers and come in several sizes and power configurations. Our professional team will help you choose the best vehicle for your mobile power purchase.

Scott Van Dorn
Engineering Director: Navistar Inc., Former Chief Engineer: Ford F-Series Trucks
“If you think about it, this is going to be 30-50% less cost on a system versus a tow behind system. You spend all your money on a truck, and then you have to double down and spend all this additional investment on a tow-behind system. Well, what the benefit here is, you’ve really only made that investment once.”

Please download our purchase questionnaire. It provides a simple form that covers everything you need to make an informed decision. Otherwise, here is a list of information to gather before placing an order.

  • A list of the equipment that you will need to power. Be sure to obtain the power requirements for each piece and the number of pieces that may be used at the same time.
  • The style of truck that you need: flat bed, box, bucket, single cab, extended cab, dual cab and the preferred manufacture.
  • The number of trucks that you want and the budget that you are working with along with the purchase terms of either financing or cash payment.
  • The date that you need to have your truck or fleet delivered on.

Once you have gathered the information or filled out a questionnaire, contact our team. We will advise and guide you through the purchase process.

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