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A subsidiary of HPEV, Inc. (OTCQB:WARM), Ultimate Power Truck, LLC showcases HPEV’s mobile generation technology and functions as the corporation’s retail arm to domestic and international customers..

HPEV, Inc. was founded in February 2011 to commercialize a single patent – a game changing solution to a universal problem.

Heat affects anything that moves or generates power. Heat degrades, warps or causes devices to fail outright.

The solution is to cool or remove the heat. Cooling lengthens product life and increases power. Get a motor to run cooler and it’ll generate more power. Cooling increases efficiency. More power with no increase in size is more energy efficient. Cooling reduces costs. Generate the same output from a smaller size and fewer raw materials are needed. The fewer raw materials needed, the less cost to manufacture. Combine that with increased product life and it reduces the cost to consumers. Finally, almost half of all electricity produced worldwide is consumed by motors and generators, so improving their efficiency saves energy. In other words, cooling is green.

The problem is removing heat adds cost and complexity to the end product.

HPEV’s thermal technology effectively removes heat without using pumps or moving parts. It’s passive and maintenance-free which is a key benefit because reliability is a critical issue. As a result, it’s far less expensive than mechanical cooling systems and devices.

An independent test demonstrated that HPEV’s technology increased motor efficiency by 1 to 2 points and improved electric motor performance by 20-40%. That means a motor enhanced with HPEV technology can deliver more power than other motor of its size and design on the market.

Any kind of electric motor: pump, compressor, generator; any kind of engine: gas, diesel, boat, jet can benefit.

An HPEV engineer had a brainstorm to apply the increased power and efficiency of electric motors enhanced with the company’s technology to motor vehicles. To do that, he created a platform and gearing system to enable a motor to supplement the work of a vehicle’s engine or even power the vehicle itself.

Sandy hit the East Coast. Businesses lost power. Stores were closed. Perishables spoiled. HPEV realized its patent-pending gearing system could power an on-board generator solely from the vehicle’s internal combustion engine.

In the wake of the disaster, Ultimate Power Truck was born. Existing vehicles can be retrofitted with a mobile generator to provide up to 200kW of auxiliary electric power (enough to power 40 typical US homes for 8 hours). Emergency back-up power can be driven to wherever it’s needed. No longer will companies have to tow generators to the work site. Military units can set-up and power mobile bases with a single vehicle.

In 2015, Ultimate Power Truck opened its first showcase location in Clearwater, Florida. Other locations in select cities in the southern United States should soon follow.

The planned expansion reflects UPT’s aggressive business model to develop locations and inventory levels to cover the demand for sales, conversions, rentals, and assured use policies.

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