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Never tow a generator again. The Ultimate Power Truck (UPT) transforms any class 2-6 truck into a mobile power source capable of producing AC power from 120V to 480V with outputs from 25kVA up to 200 kVA.

Wherever you can drive a truck, you can generate power. Our fully integrated gearing system uses your truck’s engine to power an on-board generator. It eliminates the need to tow a generator to a work site, disaster area, military FOB or any other location that needs instant power.

The applications are extensive: construction, utilities, municipalities, first responders, disaster relief, mining, military, oil and gas exploration, back-up generation, even electric vehicle recharging. The Ultimate Power Truck delivers mobile electric power wherever, whenever it’s needed.

If you want AC power Anywhere at Anytime for Anything then the
Ultimate Power Truck is your solution Everytime.

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Instead of just carrying tools, the UPT powers them. Our fully-integrated system retrofits seamlessly with any late model American truck for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

With UPT, your truck outputs as much electric power as tow-behind generators. The vehicle engine powers the generator. The generator fits entirely under the truck bed between the frame rails, so it doesn’t reduce cargo capacity or even towing capacity.

That’s because comparable tow-behind generators weigh about 5,000 pounds. The Ultimate Power Truck’s fully integrated 70 kVA package weighs only 1,200 pounds. The lighter weight reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption by 10-20%.

By relying on your truck engine to power a generator, you simplify your maintenance requirements as well as meet Tier 4 standards. Choose the no-idle option and you’ll meet every additional state and local environmental regulation.

Already invested in alternative energy? No problem. The UPT is compatible with any powertrain running on any fuel: gas or natural gas, diesel or biodiesel, even fuel cells. If it powers the truck, it powers the generator.

Scott Van Dorn
Engineering Director: Navistar Inc., Former Chief Engineer: Ford F-Series Trucks
“This is an innovation and a quality and cost savings that will be uncomparable. Many people in the industry are used to towing around a trailer and getting mobile generation with a lot of inconveniences, but this particular implementation is going to change the way that’s done in the industry today.”

Visit our one of our locations and test the Ultimate Power Truck. Generating mobile electric power has never been faster, easier or more convenient.

Ultimate Power Truck modifies trucks to have the same power generation capabilities as tow-able diesel-powered generators. The vehicle engine provides the power. The generator head is mounted under the bed away from the engine heat. The vehicle’s bed and ability to tow are not affected. The power electronics and generator panel box are conveniently mounted alongside the bed behind the vehicle cab.

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